From Bean to Cup: Understanding the Different Coffee Roasts and Flavours

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06 Apr, 2023
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From Bean to Cup: Understanding the Different Coffee Roasts and Flavours

Do you enjoy a hot steaming cup of coffee to kickstart your day? Coffee has long been one of the most cherished beverages as it blends various flavours and aromas. The best part is that there are different methods of roasting coffee beans to produce a complexity of flavours that suit different tastes. The first step is harvesting raw green coffee beans which are vegetal and lack any coffee flavour. These green coffee beans are then processed and roasted that creates chemical changes in these beans that produce the rich and aromatic coffee flavours. To understand how different kinds of coffees are made, here are three different ways the beans are roasted to produce aromatic flavours:

Three Different Kinds Of Roasting Techniques

Light Roast

One of the most strong coffee blends can be made by lightly roasting the green beans to produce dry and light brown coffee beans. These coffee beans maintain the original flavour of the coffee beans and also have a strong acidity, delicate fruit notes and  can range from citrus and tea flavours to more strong substances like jasmine, chocolate or even berries.

Medium Roast

Medium roasted beans have a harmonious balance between the original green coffee beans and the roasted flavours. These coffee flavours are mostly mildly acidic and have strong nutty and caramel tones that can even have hints of fruit and chocolate in their taste.

Dark Roast

Lastly, dark roasted coffee beans have a distinct strong flavour as these are roasted for the longest time. The beans are dark in colour and also have a strong oily appearance on their surface. These coffee beans have a low acidity and consist of stronger notes like caramel, toasted nuts and dark chocolate flavours.

Other Factors That Affect Coffee Flavours

Origin Of The Coffee Beans

Within these roasting techniques, there can be different flavours and varieties depending on what kind of coffee beans are being used, where it originated from and what level of expertise the roaster has. Each coffee-region in the world lends its own unique touch to produce its own variety and flavour of coffee that sets them apart.

Freshness Of The Coffee

Generally, the fresher the coffee beans, the more robust and aromatic the flavours will be and you should always ask for a fresh brew to get the strong and delicious taste of the coffee beans. As the coffee beans are stored and kept for longer, the more the taste degrades over time.

Different Methods Of Brewing

brew and French press to get different flavours of coffee.


Ultimately, when you understand the different roasting techniques, factors and brewing processes your coffee beans undergo, you will understand the journey from bean to coffee cup. From exploring light roasted flavours to medium caramel flavours and dark chocolate tones, you can experience the magic of coffee.

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