Light Roast

Our light brew coffees have a light and earthy flavour that gives you the sweet scent of coffee without overwhelming your tastebuds


Medium Roast

Our talented baristas roast our coffee beans to create caramel and chocolate flavours that have a mild acidity and flavorful taste


Dark Roast

If you enjoy strong coffee, you will love the dark roast variations where you can enjoy the rich nutty tones and dark coffee flavours

Who Are We

Discover The Artistry Behind Every Perfectly Brewed Cup

Frisch And Barc Cafe started as a small cafe in the heart of Perth in 2002 with just 10-12 seats. We now have seatings of over 100 and have over 300+ loyal customers.


Organic Coffee Beans


100% Fresh Ingredients

Our Blends

Brewed With Passion And Expertise

Frisch And Barc Cafe Menu

All Tea Desserts Coffee Chocolate

Classic Latte

2/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk

Buttered Scones

Served With Strawberries

Hot Chocolate

Made With Marshmallows

Chocolate Cake

With Frosting And Topping

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    Top Grade

    Velvety And Smooth Coffee Flavours

    Immerse yourself in the bold flavours and comforting warmth of our delicious coffee

    Team of Professionals

    Team of Professionals

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    Experience The Artistry Of Our Skilled Baristas In The Heart Of Perth

    We are located right in the heart of Perth in Western Australia and this has been our primary location for over 20 years. We are planning to open more cafes across Australia soon.

    Why You Should Visit Our Cafe

    • Exceptional Service
    • Fresh Coffee
    • Tasty Treats
    • Luxury High-Tea Events
    • Superior Catering
    • Customisable Menu
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